Betty Schriver’s Art

Betty Schriver’s Art

Hi fellow art lovers!  I was an Alberta girl for most of my life where I met my husband Dan,  raised my daughter Krista, and worked as a Financial System manager for many years.  About 5 years ago, I decided to pursue an interest I only had time to dabble in while working, both painting and starting a blog!  Who knew I could combine both!!   When you have this creative energy wanting to burst out for years, it is great to finally let it have its own time. My focus right now is on impressionist acrylic painting and I’m loving the lessons learnt from renowned artists, studying art concepts and theory from books and online, and practice, practice practice!  Living in the beautiful Shuswap amongst all it’s natural beauty leaves no shortage of inspiration!

Art in the Shuswap came to me as an idea because I knew several artists in the Shuswap didn’t have any of their art shared online!  The world HAD to see some of these great artists and artworks right here in the Shuswap!

Besides on, you can find some of my art for sale/viewing at the  Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento!   I hope you enjoy the Art !

Click on any of the paintings to obtain a larger view.


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