Betty Schriver’s Art

Betty Schriver’s Art

I believe my art has been waiting for me.  It’s been inside of me; percolating, standing by and observing.  But now it finally has it’s time.  Time to explore and test, a time to practice and learn. A time to envelope the wonders of nature, and all that life has to offer.

I was once asked, how did you ever work in an office all those years, when you had all this creativity within you?   I believe, all things you do in your life enables you to get to where you need to be. It was needed, for me to be as alert and conscious of my surroundings today and fully appreciate the wonders of nature.  It taught me that people are part of the joy of life.  And it taught me that there is a process in everything, even in painting.

Much of art is about life and your interpretation and perspective.  Living your life fully enables you to capture and understand the feeling and nuances of moments.  You can’t understand the feeling of cold winter day unless you have experienced it.  The way it tightens your skin and tingles your ears.  The cool blue tones in the air and crispness of the sounds around you. All these things are experiences that can be shared in a painting.  Without it, the painting has no real meaning.

So welcome to my art.  It’s been waiting a long time to be shared.  I hope you can not only see it, but feel it.

Betty is the founder of website.

Click on any of the paintings to obtain a larger view.

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