Launch of the “It’s a New Day” Series

By Betty Schriver

Betty Schriver Tappen Horses

I recently have had to do some soul searching in regards to my art.  Where am I with it and where do I want to be?  Like anything else in life, if you want to get better at something, you need to set some goals and take some action that will help you achieve those goals.  My goals are not complex really, I just want to grow as an artist, which for me means that I see that the work I put into art continues to improve in quality.  Quality is highly subjective in art, but for me it’s the place where I am really happy with my work because my skills are able to achieve the emotion and concept I have for the art piece.

You may know that a lot of artists are somewhat self-deprecating.  We beat ourselves up, we compare, we wonder if our art is worthy of continuing, but I think that without this self-deprecating behaviour, we likely would not have the catalyst for progression that we need to in order to grow.  The self criticism helps us to see what need to improve and drives us to learn how to get there.

While I’m sure I’ll continue to constantly be self-critical of my work, I also know that I have grown over the last 5 years and I know I’m in a place where, while I hope the best is still yet to come, I’ve also seen progression.  I know that each day is a new day which means a new opportunity for learning, growing, making art, and living a good life!

And with that,  I am happy to announce the launch of a new series of paintings called “It’s a New Day” in the new location of Shuswap Artisan Market!   Paintings for the series “It’s a New Day”  celebrate the beauty and wonders that life in Canada brings us.  I’ve experimented with a new brighter palette that exaggerates the saturation of colour to emphasize how alive our environment is all around us and how each day is exciting, even if its simple.  Growing up on a farm, working in the city, and retiring at the beautiful Shuswap lake – basically life in Canada, has provided me with many enriched experiences all beautiful in their own ways.  Each day had, and still has, something new and exciting to offer.  I hope you can feel the emotion I feel when I’m painting.

You can view the available paintings for the “It’s a New Day” Series at Shuswap Artisan Market located at 1204 Notch Hill Road, Sorrento B.C.  or online at



14 thoughts on “Launch of the “It’s a New Day” Series

  1. Betty! I think you have something there. You are very much growing as an artist. I like your comments and I
    LOVE the ART! Keep on…Love, Deb C.


    1. Thanks Deb! I hope I get to see you at the art show this year! I miss you! I still remember the first day I walked into the Blind Bay Hall and you passed me some paper and a pencil and said, “don’t worry, don’t think, just draw what you see…it’s all fun!” I was very nervous and you immediately put me to ease! You are a fabulous artist too and I love your drawings!


  2. Really nice work, Betty. Love your firery colours; so alive. Great accuracy in your shapes. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing them.


  3. Wonderful work Betty. I am so pleased for you, and glad you are in our painting group so we all can see your journey to satisfaction .(almost said Perfection!)


    1. I love our painting group and have learnt so much from all the fantastic artists in it. We all are on our own journey but are so supportive of each other! Thank you for commenting!


  4. The pictures don’t do the work justice.
    I’ve watched Betty paint some of these paintings and they are so well done.
    They need to be viewed to be appreciated.
    T Grigg


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