Leona Marten’s Art

Leona Marten’s Art

I remember as a very young child attempting to draw a skating Barbara Ann Scott. Over the years, the human body and face has held a fascination for me. I now have ten grandchildren and have enjoyed using them as inspiration for sketching and painting.

Over the years, I have taken a sketching seminar at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and a course in acrylic painting in Alberta. I have experimented with soft pastels and have found in them a very enjoyable medium. They produce rich colours that can be beautifully blended into a variety of subject matter. I am experimenting in another medium – water miscible oils and have been enjoying the blending ability they represent and the easy cleanup of brushes with soap and water. 

Although I truly appreciate a beautiful landscape painting, my first love is sketching and/or painting the human face, especially a child’s face in all its innocence. This interest has extended to floral “faces” with their multifaceted designs and colours. Colourful bird paintings will hopefully be in my future.  

My grandchildren have helped motivate me to keep drawing and painting. Being a member of the Blind Bay Art Club has also been motivating and encouraging.  

 Click on any of the paintings to obtain a larger view.

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