Karen Trach’s Art

Karen Trach’s Art

As a young child, Karen enjoyed crafts and learned some basics of knitting and crocheting. Being one to challenge herself, she soon created her own patterns and unique stitches. This love of a challenge has brought her to her current passion – drawing!

Karen is a B.C. gal but lived in Alberta for 7 years. It was while living in Alberta, her husband urged her to pursue her passion and soon Karen was drawing animals of all types; particularly family pets! Her favourite part is drawing the eyes, “It’s when the portrait comes alive!” She then ventured out to people and drawing portraits with hyper-realism being her goal. She says, “We never stop learning and improving”. Each and every portrait is so different and she is excited for the next subject and challenge that comes with it. “I am so honoured that people trust me to draw their loved ones.”

Click on picture for an enlarged size.

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