Miguel Angel Gomez Lopez’s Art

Miguel Angel Gomez Lopez’s Art

I came to the Shuswap area from Oaxaca Mexico in 2015 where I currently reside. I bring a unique Oaxacan style to my art, full of bright colours and geometric shapes, taking inspiration from my life and culture in Mexico, my travels and what I see. I want my paintings to tell a story or have a message behind them. I paint mostly with oils but enjoy using watercolours as well.
I have learned early on about the quality of your canvas can make all the difference in your work, and canvases being expensive in Mexico I learned how to build them myself. I construct the canvases using a traditional method using wood and 100% cotton. Afterwards I melt together bees wax and natural tree resins to use as a primer on the canvas. This process helps the quality of the painting last longer and has been used throughout history. In Oaxaca I worked as an art restorer where we learned how to make our own oil paints from insects, plants and flowers. Learning these traditional ways has given me a deeper appreciation for art. I first started painting 25 years ago as a hobby, I learned and took inspiration from fellow artists painting in the streets of Oaxaca. Painting for me clears my mind and gives me a sense of freedom, where before long I check the time and my day has passed. I am on instagram as @chingorolo_guixha email:nikeckstrom@gmail.com Phone#: 250-463-4202

Free Women: Oil on Canvas, 3′ by 3′ $1000.00

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