Georgina Mills’ Art

Georgina Mills’ Art

I started painting in 2004 while wintering in Mesa AZ when I went to a small Oil painting class in our Park armed with my 6 old tubes of watercolor paint, a tablet of paper and some cheap brushes. Our instructor had worked in Watercolors previously so suggested I buy some better brushes and proceeded to provide me with the advice – “you work light to dark while we will paint dark to light”. It was great fun painting in water medium the same subjects the group painted in Oil.

On returning to Sorrento, with much prodding from my friends I joined the Blind Bay Painting group with my water new watercolors and brushes.

In 2011 I started to dabble with Acrylic paints, again learning by practicing the exercises found in art books and from fellow painters.

I have read many, many ‘How To’ books and taken some classes given by Shuswap artists, but it is since joining the Blind Bay Painters Group that I have learned the most. All members are so willing to offer their ideas and share their knowledge of whatever medium they work in.

Click on any of the paintings to obtain a larger view.

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