Winter in the Shuswap

Winter in the Shuswap

Winter in the Shuswap brings about different activities and views that are not as well known as the boating, swimming, and water sports in the Shuswap, but still fun and beautiful in their own right.  Nothing looks more Christmasy than frosted cedars, large snowflakes falling, or the holiday decorated halls and markets that scatter the Shuswap area.  Winter hiking is a new adventure and the clodding of snowshoes makes that hike even more of a challenge.  Bundle up and look out for the beauty.  Take some photos of the wonders of winter!  Think like an artist….look at the light, colors, and textures and how it changes with the season.  To help enjoy the coming of our winter season, we’ve compiled a number of painting that help depict the beauty of winter!



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