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Feature Artist – Miguel Angel Gomez Lopez

Pulque Dreams
3.5 ft x 4.5 ft Oil on canvas

About the painting:
I take inspiration for my paintings from my culture. My paintings always exude lots of bright colours and themes from what I see, feel and experience. 

I came to the Shuswap area from Oaxaca Mexico in 2015 where I currently reside. I bring a unique Oaxacan style to my art, full of bright colours and geometric shapes, taking inspiration from my life and culture in Mexico, my travels and what I see. I want my paintings to tell a story or have a message behind them. I paint mostly with oils but enjoy using watercolours as well.

I have learned early on about the quality of your canvas can make all the difference in your work, and canvases being expensive in Mexico I learned how to build them myself. I construct the canvases using a traditional method using wood and 100% cotton. Afterwards I melt together bees wax and natural tree resins to use as a primer on the canvas. This process helps the quality of the painting last longer and has been used throughout history. In Oaxaca I worked as an art restorer where we learned how to make our own oil paints from insects, plants and flowers. Learning these traditional ways has given me a deeper appreciation for art. I first started painting 25 years ago as a hobby, I learned and took inspiration from fellow artists painting in the streets of Oaxaca. Painting for me clears my mind and gives me a sense of freedom, where before long I check the time and my day has passed. For any requests or information on my paintings or custom canvas’s contact me on Instagram as @chingorolo_guixha email:nikeckstrom@gmail.com Phone#: 250-463-4202

2020 New Art Events in the Shuswap

2020 New Art Events in the Shuswap

2020 brings new ideas and hopes to each of us.  Whether it to start a good habit or learn a different skill, something about a new year brings inspiration to try something new.  There are lots of benefits to trying out a new art class!  Deane Alban writes in her article “The Mental Health Benefit of Arts are for Everyone”, ..”Creating art relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain plasticity, and imparts other mental health benefits. And anyone can do art. ”   You can read more about her article in this link.  Health Benefits of Art

If trying out art is what you are thinking about doing this year, there are a myriad of options happening this year right here in the Shuswap.  Check out some of these options!  View art events on https://artintheshuswap.com/events/

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A Trip to the Salute to the Sockeye Festival and Their Artisan Market

A Trip to the Salute to the Sockeye Festival and Their Artisan Market

A visual taste of a trip to the Salute to the Sockeye Festival and Artisan Market!  Go to Salute to the Sockeye for more information.