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Feature Artist – Miguel Angel Gomez Lopez

Pulque Dreams
3.5 ft x 4.5 ft Oil on canvas

About the painting:
I take inspiration for my paintings from my culture. My paintings always exude lots of bright colours and themes from what I see, feel and experience. 

I came to the Shuswap area from Oaxaca Mexico in 2015 where I currently reside. I bring a unique Oaxacan style to my art, full of bright colours and geometric shapes, taking inspiration from my life and culture in Mexico, my travels and what I see. I want my paintings to tell a story or have a message behind them. I paint mostly with oils but enjoy using watercolours as well.

I have learned early on about the quality of your canvas can make all the difference in your work, and canvases being expensive in Mexico I learned how to build them myself. I construct the canvases using a traditional method using wood and 100% cotton. Afterwards I melt together bees wax and natural tree resins to use as a primer on the canvas. This process helps the quality of the painting last longer and has been used throughout history. In Oaxaca I worked as an art restorer where we learned how to make our own oil paints from insects, plants and flowers. Learning these traditional ways has given me a deeper appreciation for art. I first started painting 25 years ago as a hobby, I learned and took inspiration from fellow artists painting in the streets of Oaxaca. Painting for me clears my mind and gives me a sense of freedom, where before long I check the time and my day has passed. For any requests or information on my paintings or custom canvas’s contact me on Instagram as @chingorolo_guixha email:nikeckstrom@gmail.com Phone#: 250-463-4202

Mixed Bag of Art – Opening Soon!

Mixed Bag of Art – Opening Soon!

There is a new business in town, “A Mixed Bag of Art” and it’s bound to add a lot of fun and vibrance to the Shuswap community!  Rayna Vanderhoek has opened a studio in Sorrento where she will be offering classes, collaborating with other artists and artisans, and creating a lot of fun!  Rayna says “It will be a place for the young and young at heart!” MixedBagofArt

Some of the programming planned includes a  program called Paint and Play for ages 3 – 4 on Wednesday mornings; after school programs;  Saturday afternoon classes for adult and young adults, and evening classes with some guest instructors!

The shop opens on Feb 5th, 2020, from 10 – 4 pm.  Located in Shoppers Plaza, Sorrento!  Wednesday to Saturday for the winter.  Stop in and check out what fun you may be interested in!






Every Painting Has a Story #5 – Diana Waller’s Women of the Bible Series

Diana Waller, a Blind Bay Painter, is well known in the Shuswap area for her creative use of glass and paint and now is exploring new ideas using mixed media.  Mixed media is a combination of more than one medium, in her case she uses paint, glass, paper, fabric, plastic, and any other objects she might find that would enhance the concept she is creating.  In her new series, called “Women of the Bible”, she uses several of these combination of materials to create a “painting” on a tile.

Diana has completed 8 of the 11 planned tile paintings and is continuing to work on the remaining pieces.  Each tile is backed with cork and uses a variety of materials to create the art.

The women of the Bible each have their own story to tell in each tile.

The Samaritan Women – “He told me everything I have ever done!”  Sarah – “I will give you and Sarah a son.  Sarah laughed, “A Woman, my age can have a baby?”  Ruth – Ruth said to Naomi her mother-in-law,  “Perhaps I can go into the field and glean
where she met Boaz her husband to be!” Rachel – Rachel came with her father sheep and ,when Jacob saw Rachel, he fell passionately in love with her.  Mary and Martha – “Lord do you not care that my sister left me to do all the work ?  Mary has chosen the best part”.  Lydia – A businesswoman, makes cloth of purple from a rare dye.  Hannah – “I am not drunk but very sad, I’m pouring out my heart to God”  Ester – Queen of Persia ,not invited she fell down before the king and risked her life to save her people.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Diana’s tiles, you can contact us using the Art in the Shuswap “Contact Us” page.