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Lake and Streams Conservation Project Exhibit and sale sponsored by the Salmon Fish and Game Club and SASCU Uptown.

1. Judy Mackenzie’s inspiration for her painting: I was inspired by the color of the water, of course, because color to me is one of the most important parts of a painting. Also, I love painting various kinds of water, and this small island and its reflections in the beautiful water was why i painted this particular scene.

2. Jean Tokers inspiration for her painting: I noticed this lovely fall scene while driving in to work one beautiful fall day. The Little River between the Little Shuswap and the big Shuswap Lake never fails to inspire as it changes with the seasons.  Usually in the fall I notice the salmon run, many eagles and occasionally bears.  But on this day this little deer was coming down for a drink and I thought it was picture perfect, a scene to paint.

3rd Place Winner – Jackie Wambolt

Jackie’s inspiration for her painting: Since the subject was Lakes & Streams and since we live in the area of the Shuswap Lake and the largest salmon spawning area (Adam’s River) I associate Bears and Salmon fishing together.

People’s Choice Award – Melody Roth

Melody’s inspiration for her painting: My son comes to visit and brings his black retriever who loves to swim in the lake like so many other dogs on holidays. I did some research to find out some of the endangered and non- endangered species that live in our Shuswap lakes and streams and imbedded them into “Franky” the Black Lab. If you look closely, you can find 12 species along with other plants and natural items. The location of this painting is my favorite spot-on Shuswap Lake and that is 2-mile point.