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Frugal Abstract Art

Frugal Abstract Art

Judi Reglin is our 4 F artist at Blind Bay. What is 4F you ask? Funny, Frugal, Fun and Fabulous! She often repurposes and reuses materials for her art and believes in doing art her way without rules!  She reminds artists to “do it for yourself–don’t worry about what others think. If you like it, it’s great!” Her style varies from week to week and she’s all about trying it all and “playing” while you paint! So when she was asked to do a demo for the Blind Bay Painters, it was really no surprise that she decided it was going to be a surprise!

Judi demo’ed a very free form abstract painting method of acrylic pouring.   In typical Judi style, she brought some old acrylic craft paints, and white acrylic house paint that was put in a dish soap bottle for easy pouring.

You begin by pouring a blob of white paint near the middle of the canvas. You then select another paint color to pour in the middle of the white paint. You then add more white paint on top of the colored paint, and yet a second color over that. The paint moves the initial pouring to the outside of the pour and rings of color begin to form.

When you have finished layering the colors within the whites (any number of colors can be used), you pick up the canvas and start moving the paint around by tilting the canvas in different directions until you get the shapes and shifts of colors that look desirable. The paint can drip all the way around the edges so prep with some plastic under the art.   As you can see it creates some interesting formations and color displays!

Her final art piece!

Judi's final

And then, all the drippings? You don’t think that Judi would throw those away. No….they are art all in themselves! Press paper or canvas onto the drippings and lift and you have interesting formations again!

And the dried paint on the plastic forms paint “skins” which can be used to add to future art!  See below!


Here is my quick 3 colour acrylic pouring on a mini canvas sheet!

My 3 color pouring

If you are new to painting and love abstract art, you have to give this a try! The craft acrylic paints are a common item in garage sales, so pick up some and create your own frugal acrylic poured art!   Great for kids to enjoy this art too!  Thanks Judi for a great demo!

Launch of Art in the Shuswap

By Betty Schriver

When I moved to Blind Bay, British Columbia a few years ago, I knew I would love the beautiful nature around me, the amazingly clear Shuswap Lake that my husband and I could enjoy boating and fishing at, and the relaxed environment I was searching for in my retirement years. But I didn’t know that I would be pleasantly surprised to also find a
network of amazing artists that share their talents, work together, and love art!   It was like I hit the jackpot!

Art in the Shuswap was developed to showcase some of the incredible art within the Shuswap area and bring people together to share, collaborate, and buy and sell art!   It’s about art enthusiasts and tourists knowing where they can find some great local art.  It’s about artists being able to share some of their work for free online, so that the world can see it.  It’s about knowing where and when you can go to see an art event in the area.  It’s about bringing people together all for the love of art!

If you are an artist in the Shuswap area and would like to show your art or share your own link on this website, contact us for further information.  It’s free!  If you are interested about purchasing art, contact us to connect with the artist.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh



Blind Bay Painters

Copper Island on Shuswap Lake, B.C.

Blind Bay Painters are a friendly, diversified group of painters that meet every Tuesday, from mid September til mid June to paint, learn, share information, and reconnect with friends. Members of the group vary in their styles and mediums and we have beginners to award winning artists participating, all for the love of art. Annually, there is a program developed that includes demonstrations, workshops, free days to paint as well as a Christmas potluck and farewell lunch. The hall is well equipped for the group and includes an artist library of books and videos that can be borrowed. Each year, members of the group are able to present/sell their art at our annual art show in the Reedman Gallery of the Blind Bay Hall, usually on the long weekend in July.

If you are a beginner artist and want to gain valuable knowledge or perhaps already an experienced artist that just would like to share your love of art with others and find friends with similar interests, drop by and see what Blind Bay Painters group has to offer! We start mid September and go from 9 am to usually about 2 pm. The location is Blind Bay Hall, 2510 Blind Bay Rd. You can contact me using the contact us link, if you have any questions about the group!