Launch of the “It’s a New Day” Series

By Betty Schriver

Betty Schriver Tappen Horses

I recently have had to do some soul searching in regards to my art.  Where am I with it and where do I want to be?  Like anything else in life, if you want to get better at something, you need to set some goals and take some action that will help you achieve those goals.  My goals are not complex really, I just want to grow as an artist, which for me means that I see that the work I put into art continues to improve in quality.  Quality is highly subjective in art, but for me it’s the place where I am really happy with my work because my skills are able to achieve the emotion and concept I have for the art piece.

You may know that a lot of artists are somewhat self-deprecating.  We beat ourselves up, we compare, we wonder if our art is worthy of continuing, but I think that without this self-deprecating behaviour, we likely would not have the catalyst for progression that we need to in order to grow.  The self criticism helps us to see what need to improve and drives us to learn how to get there.

While I’m sure I’ll continue to constantly be self-critical of my work, I also know that I have grown over the last 5 years and I know I’m in a place where, while I hope the best is still yet to come, I’ve also seen progression.  I know that each day is a new day which means a new opportunity for learning, growing, making art, and living a good life!

And with that,  I am happy to announce the launch of a new series of paintings called “It’s a New Day” in the new location of Shuswap Artisan Market!   Paintings for the series “It’s a New Day”  celebrate the beauty and wonders that life in Canada brings us.  I’ve experimented with a new brighter palette that exaggerates the saturation of colour to emphasize how alive our environment is all around us and how each day is exciting, even if its simple.  Growing up on a farm, working in the city, and retiring at the beautiful Shuswap lake – basically life in Canada, has provided me with many enriched experiences all beautiful in their own ways.  Each day had, and still has, something new and exciting to offer.  I hope you can feel the emotion I feel when I’m painting.

You can view the available paintings for the “It’s a New Day” Series at Shuswap Artisan Market located at 1204 Notch Hill Road, Sorrento B.C.  or online at



Every Painting Has a Story #5 – Diana Waller’s Women of the Bible Series

Every Painting Has a Story #5 – Diana Waller’s Women of the Bible Series

Diana Waller, a Blind Bay Painter, is well known in the Shuswap area for her creative use of glass and paint and now is exploring new ideas using mixed media.  Mixed media is a combination of more than one medium, in her case she uses paint, glass, paper, fabric, plastic, and any other objects she might find that would enhance the concept she is creating.  In her new series, called “Women of the Bible”, she uses several of these combination of materials to create a “painting” on a tile.

Diana has completed 8 of the 11 planned tile paintings and is continuing to work on the remaining pieces.  Each tile is backed with cork and uses a variety of materials to create the art.

The women of the Bible each have their own story to tell in each tile.

The Samaritan Women – “He told me everything I have ever done!”  Sarah – “I will give you and Sarah a son.  Sarah laughed, “A Woman, my age can have a baby?”  Ruth – Ruth said to Naomi her mother-in-law,  “Perhaps I can go into the field and glean
where she met Boaz her husband to be!” Rachel – Rachel came with her father sheep and ,when Jacob saw Rachel, he fell passionately in love with her.  Mary and Martha – “Lord do you not care that my sister left me to do all the work ?  Mary has chosen the best part”.  Lydia – A businesswoman, makes cloth of purple from a rare dye.  Hannah – “I am not drunk but very sad, I’m pouring out my heart to God”  Ester – Queen of Persia ,not invited she fell down before the king and risked her life to save her people.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Diana’s tiles, you can contact us using the Art in the Shuswap “Contact Us” page.


Art Brings People Together!

Art Brings People Together!

The theme of this website is “Art Brings People Together!” and I think nothing exemplifies that more than community efforts to create something together, using their own style and method, but unifying it for the purpose of creating one collaboration.

group from word doc
Back Row – Melody Roth, Jean Christie, Judy Mackenzie, Gail Busby, Josie Turingan-Pearce, Shirley Filipchuk , Val Chipman, Diana Waller, Fran Lewis, Lynda Earley, Judi Reglin, Bill Burton.  
Front Row – Gail Boden, Jean Toker, Vi Isaac, Betty Schriver
Missing – Ann Marshall-Johns, Pat Taylor, Jackie Wambolt, Trudy Griggs

Tracey Kutschker, curator of the Salmon Arm Art Centre, presented an opportunity to artists that the Blind Bay Painters thought would be a wonderful challenge, and a beautiful way to commemorate a past leader in her community and former Blind Bay Painter.  The “In Dialogue with the Collection” asks artist to use a historical art piece and “respond” to it by creating another art piece that utilizes something the artist sees in the original that they wish to further follow through with.

To know that Margaret Lund was part of the Blind Bay Painter history is exciting and it was rewarding coming up with a new concept that speaks to her original piece.  “Moon Rising” with its focus on light, provided twenty of the Blind Bay Painters lots of options for varied and unique responses, all of which focus on light as the key element in each painting.  We hope you enjoy our response.  Go to the Salmon Arm Art Centre to view Margaret Lund’s “Moon Rising” and  Blind Bay Painter’s response.  12 other individual artists also participated so there is a lot of “conversation” going on at the centre!

Salmon Arm Art Centre – exhibitions for more information.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 18, 2019 at 7pm
Exhibition: January 19 to February 23, 2019
Trader Tuesday: Tuesday, February 12 at 3pm
Coffee Break and Artist Talk:  Thursday, February 21 at 2pm
Family Saturdays:  Every Saturday from 11am to 3:30pm.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm.
Sponsored by: Jeff Stacer – The Stacer Team

190118 saac dialogue 1
Blind Bay Painters’ Mixed Media Collaboration – Find the Light

190118 saac dialogue 3