Jean Toker’s Art

JEAN TOKER (nee: Gordon)                     

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I was born in Chase, BC, and spent my childhood  taking advantage of the wonderful  lake in the summer and the natural environment  filled with limitless time and  youthful freedoms.  I attended Chase Elementary and Secondary Schools.   For the next 40 years I lived in Kamloops , BC,  worked at a variety of jobs and raised  my family.

In the 1970’s while I was raising small children I found myself with many hours of alone time in the evenings.  It was during this time that I started to pursue an interest in oil painting.  I read books and took a class to get started.  Life, work, and family, kept me very busy and painting took a back seat to life for the next  30 years.   Later, as time allowed my interest in painting took over and I enrolled in more classes in oil, then watercolor, then ink and oil rouge.   I began to realize that there was no end to the learning process.

 In 2011, I semi-retired to Blind Bay.  A feeling of calmness and relaxation envelopes me when I near the lake.  The soothing waters are definitely good for my soul and I think it inspires me to be more creative .

With the move to Blind Bay, I discovered the Blind Bay Painters.  I joined the group, and realized that the opportunities to grow as an artist with the benefit of fantastic peer support were endless within the group.  A class in Acrylic painting was presented and I immediately added another medium to work in.  I am delighted to be part of such an interesting and diverse group of artists.  With the support and encouragement of the Blind Bay Painters I entered my first showing with the group in 2013. My objective now that I am fully retired is to make the time to pursue all of my artistic mediums and to slow down and smell the roses.  I continue to paint now with the Blind Bay Painters.