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Getting Artsy at Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay Community is “getting artsy” with the intake of some new workshops in their community hall.  Sallyanne Calver has organized some great workshops to bring the arts to Eagle Bay.  When I asked Sallyanne about herself and why she decided to take on this endeavour, she was happy to share her story with me.  Sallyanne indicated “We retired to Eagle Bay in 2013 as a place to settle for our retirement years.  A place to enjoy the outdoors, and a chance to try all the things we hadn’t had time to do while working.  One of items on our bucket list was to try different mediums of art.  As we developed new friendships, we discovered that there were others like us, looking for opportunity to express themselves with art.    Eagle Bay is a community that encourages and supports new ventures, along with a community hall that is perfect for holding workshops.  So we took a chance and kicked off a monthly art workshop with Ukraine Egg Painting, the two session of painting Pot People, then onto Acrylic Ink Tile.  The response has been so positive we continue to arrange workshops held on the last Wednesday of the month.

Of late, she invited Diana Waller, artist from Blind Bay, to do a workshop on acrylic ink on tile.  Diana is known for her creative mixed media artwork and Her some of her work can be found on  Fifteen people registered from all around the Shuswap area.  Time was spent learning, painting, talking, and laughing and they all went home with their own handmade art tile.   Art in the Shuswap motto is “Art brings People Together” and this is a shining example of the great things that art can do for a community!



Acrylic Ink Tile Tap

Diana Waller -Acrylic Ink Tile Tap art
Diana Waller -Acrylic Ink Tile Tap art

Acrylic Ink Tile Tap?  Sounds like a new kitchen decor, right? but it’s not…its’ a fun and intuitive method of painting on tile!  Diana Waller provided the Blind Bay Painters with a demo of the method where you use scrunged up tape on tile to form a tree line and then paint sporadically over the whole tile with Acrylic Inks.  Where does the tap come in??? The tapping of an item dipped in rubbing alcohol creates the variegated textured background!   Once the the effects are there you look for and add further details to create some silhouette figures (bears, sasquatches!!! whatever suits your fancy!). Lastly, you pull the tape to obtain a textured tree formation wherever the tape previously was.  Silhouette figures are automatically behind trees!  Thanks Diana for a great demo and workshop!



Glimpses of Blind Bay Painters Art Show at the Shuswap Lake Culture Crawl

Glimpses of the Blind Bay Painters Art show at the Shuswap Lake Culture Crawl.  (click on title)  Located at the Blind Bay Hall, Blind Bay!  Today is the last day!