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New Vision for the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter

New Vision for the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter

The annual general meeting for the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter (TNSC) of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) was held at the Blind Bay Memorial Hall on Tuesday, March 12th.  The new President, Mairi Budreau was confirmed and past President Cathie Peters will continue on as Treasurer.  Mairi, along with the chapter members thanked Cathie and Sandy for all their efforts over the years.  Their dedication and hard work is appreciated.

Once the business of the meeting was done, the members shared a critiquing session of any art that artists wished to have reviewed.  Artists are often nervous about having their art critiqued, but soon find the value of having other artists evaluate and offer advice, far outweighed the initial hesitation.  You learn so much, not only when your own art is being reviewed, but with all other critiques, on how to have a critical eye in the future for your own work in progress.

Deb Milner-Lively then did a demo of a streetscape for the Blind Bay Painters that amazed the crowd as usual and there are several signed up for her workshop right here in Blind Bay Hall in September.

I’ve had a chance to ask Mairi, the new president, if she would mind sharing her insights and vision of the TNSC with Art in the Shuswap.  Here were a few questions we posed for her, and her responses.

You recently became the new President of the TNSC of the FCA. Can you tell me a bit about the goals of the chapter and the vision you have as the new President? 


Thank you for sharing the TNSC with your readers! It is an honour to serve the pursuits of fellow artists.
The short-term goals of the chapter are to build up the number of members by offering extra support for artistic ambition, goals and dreams. One way is providing a membership card that has discounts for art supplies, another is  hosting a third annual show to give supporting membersexhibition experience, another is to host that annual show in the Shuswap and to hold more general meetings in the Shuswap. Some of these goals are already in place some are in progress.

Long term goals are branching out the membership to Merritt and Barrier because artists in outlying areas can feel isolated and would benefit from camaraderie and support and opportunities to learn and exhibit.

My vision for the chapter in addition to expansion, is to provide inspiration that feeds the hunger to gain skills, to nurture the experiences, challenges, rejections, successes and goals, big or small, that artists encounter; a more personal approach because artists are sensitive and often-times, loners.

As members of the Federation of Canadian Artists founded by Lawren Harris of the Group of Seven, we are in essence an extension of the Group of Seven’s vision of artists in Canada shaped by the land we live upon.

What area does the TNSC chapter cover and if you are an artist who is interested in becoming a member, how do you begin?


The area of our reach is broad and it’s in our name Thompson Nicola Shuswap (and beyond!)

There are many benefits of membership like discounts on workshop fees, receiving Art Avenue magazine, exposure in a national organization, exhibition privileges and more that is explained on the website.
To become a member I suggest to first go to the hub of our activity, the website. From there, you can join online  

Or be a welcomed guest at a meeting and connect with fellow artists, see how we critique artwork, watch the demo or guest speaker and see if we are a good fit for you.  Artists can sign up at a meeting. We accept credit card, debit, cash and e-trans.

Or email the  Trish House will fill in the brief application form for you and accept payment by credit card over the phone and e-trans.

TNSC Membership is $20 per year.  $50 per year membership fee to FCA as well.

Are there ways to participate in the arts through the chapter, if you are not an artist but an art lover?


Indeed there are! Art lovers can volunteer at shows, events, and fundraisers. Donations are welcomed and appreciated to offset the expense of shows, venues, instructors, and outreach to our expansive area of artists.
Sponsoring show awards is another meaningful way to participate. There is a donation page on the website.
We are still building our Board of Directors so putting administrative skills to use is highly valued by the Chapter.

If you have any questions about the TNSC feel free to contact Mairi Budreau by email president@tnsc.caor visit the website


Passion for Painting 2017 – North Thompson Shuswap Chapter of Canadian Federation of Artists

Passion for Painting 2017 – North Thompson Shuswap Chapter of Canadian Federation of Artists

I had the privilege of attending the Passion for Painting event held in Kamloops last Friday.   Three Canadian Federation of Artists (FCA) artists are invited to jury the annual show for the North Thompson Shuswap (NTSC) Chapter and then as an extra, the Chapter arranges for them to present, paint, and try to teach us all a little about how their world works. The rightfully call the event Passion for Painting!  I’ve attended a few  of these events now, and the casual atmosphere with a potluck lunch, and warm welcome that Cathie Peters, the host of the show provides, is just the right environment for a place of learning and inspiration.  Each of the three artists have very different styles and techniques and it was really good to hear again and remind ourselves that there was no right or wrong way to paint, just your way.

First up was Lisa Figueroa who has her studio in Salmon Arm and paints within a group of three, calling themselves “Lazuline” each showing their own style within their signature triptychs.  Lisa spoke eloquently, not just about her painting methods, but also about how her art came to be, based on her life and background and memories of experiences she tries to capture in her paintings.  The way she speaks during her painting, enables you to understand its not a just a painting she’s doing, but a memory and feeling that she’s reliving and portraying.  Her strong drawing skills are evident throughout her artwork and her “fantasy like” imagery in recreating the experience makes her work unique.  We captured a Work in Progress piece that she was working on in the event.

Janice Robertson, completed a beautiful painting in record time starting off with barely an outline of a still life bouquet of flowers in a vase.  Janice uses big brushes with a painterly style and gradually refines the painting to add detail with smaller brush strokes and highlights using glazing.  She uses her gut to tell her when something needs adjusting and her gut serves her well!

Gaye Adams, was up next and demonstrated how painting people within scenes doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems.  People are just a combination of shapes…really look to see the shapes and not what we think we see.  Her painting was just a beginning, but we could already see that it was going to be an amazing painting with all the beautiful backlighting and great representational figures.

You can see more about these amazing artists on their websites.  See links below.  The North Thompson Shuswap Chapter is hosting their annual show on September 22 to October 1st at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre in Kamloops (7 Seymour St. W)  It’s open daily from 10 – 4.  If you are in Kamloops, go check it out!

Lisa Figueroa –

Janice Robertson –

Gaye Adams –