Bill Burton’s Art

Bill Burton’s Art

Bill is motivated by visual artists in all paint mediums who have mastered depiction of light and life in natural scenes.

He commenced watercolour painting in 2007 and is now learning the acrylic paint medium.

Early age drawing led to an ever increasing love of architecture, engineering design and art. In 2007 Bill met a renowned nature watercolourist Diane Michelin, who tutored him with valuable art insight and instruction. This experience encouraged him to improve artistically through art study, attending symposiums and workshops. Bill is thankful for the camaraderie and art techniques he has experienced since joining the Blind Bay Painters in 2014.

Bill’s artistic philosophy is: Light and life depicted in art is the enabler for others to experience the beauty that surrounds us. He considers each artist’s painting as a ‘window’ of opportunity for others to look through and revisit their memories, passions and emotions or set dreams for the future.

Bill is a Supporting Member of the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter of the Canadian Federation of Artists and is working to become an Active Member.

Click on any of the paintings to obtain a larger view.


One thought on “Bill Burton’s Art

  1. I didn’t know you are an artist Bill. Very nice work. We’re in Kelowna for the week. Are you around? Thought we might take a drive up there but it might be too far cheers Dan Blanchard


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