Fall is a Time to Create!

Pumpkins (acrylic on board) Not for Sale

Fall is a time to gather our cameras and step outside to take reference photos of all the beautiful colors and then reproducing them onto our palettes. The window of opportunity is much shorter than what we think so take advantage of this beautiful fall extravaganza.

Feature Artist: Georgina Mills

Georgina aka “Jo” has a wooden outdoor easel in her yard. Jo changes the easel up per season. In the summer she has a pot of flowers mounted with an old frame around it. Last year while people were cheering and banging pots for the front line workers she decided to show her appreciation and painted a big heart to put into the frame to replace the flowers. Then to celebrate the Veterans she did a poppy in the month of November, a Holy Family for December and then Santa in the frame till the snow melted. In the springtime she switched it out to a beautiful robin with twigs and once the flowers are finished she is replacing them with this awesome pumpkin painting.

Thank you Georgina for sharing and motivating us with your creative ideas.

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