Thank you Shuswap!

Colour Me Copper by Betty Schriver

Today I packed my art studio. It took 8 large boxes, 3 totes, and 2 flattened easels to gather all my art tools, supplies, and organizers. As I packed, I thought about how the Shuswap brought me the inspiration and courage to learn how to paint on canvas and the knowledge that you never are done learning. It was here that I started to truly explore and understand art. It is here that I was afforded so much thoughtful wisdom and mentorship, and most of all encouragement. While it’s been such a supportive community overall, there are a few that I specifically need to offer thanks to.

I’d like to thank the Blind Bay Painters, who without a doubt, took me under their wings and shared so much of their wisdom and encouragement. What a treasure this group is, as members all collaborate and come together to support each other and learn. I have been so lucky to be part of this group for the last 7 years and I will never forget any of you and all you taught me. This last year with COVID has been so difficult to not be able to meet at the hall, but I think of you guys often, and know we will meet up again some day!

I’d also like to thank Rose Collin, Debbie Reeves, Deb Pugsley, SallyAnne Calver. These women had more faith in me and my art than I had in myself. Their encouragement led to some of my first art sales and classes, I so appreciate their support and friendship.

So why am I packing and where am I going? Well, despite my love for the Shuswap, sometimes things that happen in life lead you to where you need to be -in this case, closer to family and home. So it’s back to Alberta, to a small community not much different than Blind Bay, called Beaumont that we are headed. We are planning on snow-birding the winter (hopefully) and it allows us more travel opportunities as well as more family time when we are there.

So…..I have decided I will be offering at a great discount (50% off)- my Shuswap Art right here in the Shuswap! I need to reduce my inventory before my move, and truly I would love for my Shuswapian community to have my art that was made right here in the Shuswap. There are several original art pieces available right now on sale for the “Winter Be Gone” sale at the Shuswap Artisan Market. Here is a look at some of the work now for sale at 50% off. They will be available with 50% off until Feb 27th, but come early for the best selection.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Shuswap community who continually show up. They show up for the arts in a big way, whether it be attending art shows, shopping at our local artisan markets, or just liking and encouraging our facebook posts when we share our work. We are a lucky bunch of artists and artisans to be given the support we have and I am feeling grateful.

7 thoughts on “Thank you Shuswap!

  1. You are so talented Betty!! We will miss you and I look forward to seeing new pieces inspired in your “new town” when you are set up.


  2. Wishing you all the best in your move. You will be taking all the experience you have gained here with your art to continue on in your new home.


  3. Dear Betty ,
    The Blind Bay Painters want to thank you for all you help keeping the communication going with all the members with internet.
    Your developing the Art in the Shuswap website and promoting all the Blind Bay Painters and fine artists that shared their work with you was invaluable encouragment.
    You will be truly missed in our ranks and I hope you will always consider us sisters and brothers in art.
    We wish you many blessings as you go forward in your art journey.
    Yours truly,
    Trudy Grigg
    Blind Bay Painters


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