Lisa Figueroa – Faith over Fear

Lisa Figueroa – Faith over Fear

Every once in a while, you meet someone that you know you need to listen to; someone who has insight that you are seeking; whose experience and results speak for themselves. That is how I felt on Tuesday at the Blind Bay Painters session when invited guest Lisa Figueroa came to speak to the painters about critiquing.

I initially thought the session would be more technical; discussing elements of art where line, form, color, space, texture, value, and shape are all combined to create the art and how art can be analyzed by looking at these elements.  Or perhaps a study in the principles of art and how an artist uses balance, emphasis, movement, proportion, rhythm, unity and variety to create great masterpieces!  Or maybe we would focus on composition and perspective to understand why some art just works and some just doesn’t.

But while elements and principles of art were definitely discussed, what I heard and most appreciated from Lisa was her guidance around what factors give art that WOW factor. What is the difference between “oh that’s nice” art, to art where the viewer says “OMG”! Lisa shared, that when she looks at art, she’s asking “What story is your painting telling me? Good art expresses, and the viewer should get a feeling of the story the art is telling. The viewer becomes curious and wonders about the events occurring in the image.”  She further explains, “If you aren’t interested in the story, why would anyone else be?”   She asks “Does your painting capture something in a way that few have seen or contemplated, that makes it worth looking at again and again?”

Her insight and thoughtful discussion was invaluable and left the painters with lots to think about.

Lisa Figueroa, along with 2 other artists, Wendy Browne and Patricia L Smith, will be soon showing their creative works of art depicting Female Imagery in 3 parts. The show is called “Exquisites Crowned” and the opening is Friday, May 11, 2018 from 7- 9 pm.   Her studio/gallery is located at the lower level of the Salmon Arm Arts Centre, 70 Hudson Avenue NE Salmon Arm.   The painters got a sneak peak and we are loving what we see!

For more information about Lisa Figueroa, go to

2 thoughts on “Lisa Figueroa – Faith over Fear

  1. A real eye-opener presentation. I will never view things the same when choosing a project. I loved the concept of an ants view, normal view and a Birdseye view for your subject. You won’t see me taking a photo out my car window. Way too normal! Thank you Lisa for sharing your inspiration and wisdom!💡


  2. The most thoughtful,inspirational talk on art and what it should portray to the viewer and the painter…ever! And I have read many art magazines and articles. Thank you, Lisa!


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