Jonn Einerssen and Vance Theoret Workshop

Jonn Einerssen and Vance Theoret Workshop

It always amazes me the quality of artist workshops that our little Shuswap community can bring to us!  Carol Warkentin of Sunnybrae manages to bring in a professional and renowned artist, Jonn Einerssen to Sunnybrae Community Hall to put on a workshop for experienced painters that help those painters take it up a notch!  Jonn has his paintings in numerous galleries in western Canada and Mexico and teaches a few workshops a year, one of them, luckily for us, is right here in Sunnybrae.

And along with him, is his sidekick, Vance Theoret, an artist of stone works and best known for his famous bear sculptures.  To see the amazing completed bear sculptures that come out of a 2 day workshop is astounding!  The participants had no prior experience with stone carving and went home with a carving that looked every bit as beautiful as ones Vance creates himself.

We spent the 2 days, watching, listening, painting or sculpting and we enjoyed the comradery shared between these two friends and that of artists working together to create and learn.    Here are some pics of the progression of a painting by Jonn Einerssen and beautiful results of the paintings and sculptures created in the 2 day workshop.  Thank you Carol for the planning and work you did to allow this to happen and to Jonn and Vance for the wonderful 2 days of learning!  If you would like to see more of Jonn or Vance’s work, check out their websites noted below.

Vance Theoret’s website       Jonn Einerssen’s website

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