Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air and my mind is already going to warmer earthier tones in our landscapes, harvested fields and the plentifulness of vegetable crops, red glimmers of sockeye in our streams, and shadowy tree lines that a lower sun brings at this time of year.  In Canada, we have the pleasure of new sensations each season, that keeps our body and mind alert and responsive, taking in all the transitions with mindful observation and appreciation.  Fall is also the end of the tourist season here in the Shuswap, when we now approach quieter times, where we can reflect on the busy summer, the reconnections made with family and friends and yet also celebrate the approach of more peaceful times to focus on our own work what ever that may be.

In celebration of the fall season, here is a collection of paintings contributed from artist on the Artintheshuswap.com website.  Enjoy!  (Click on any one painting for more details)


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