6 Reasons Why Young People Should Start Collecting Original Art – NOW

I’m loving the insights from blogs from Studio Sixty Six.  They are an emerging artist gallery located at 66 Muriel Street in Ottawa.  In their blog they write:


Whether you are a student, a recent grad or a young professional already in the workforce – now is the time to start collecting original artwork.

Tegan Alston, City Centre and City East

1. Collecting original art earlier can help you develop your taste 

Starting a collection at an early age helps mold your personal artistic preferences and style. Each piece you collect will create a connection to the specific moment in your life in which you bought it. Think about your art collection as a reflection of your style and personal aesthetic identity – but while it is always evolving, the art itself will never go out of fashion.

 Véronique Sunatori, Decontextualize I

2. Original art produced by emerging artists is affordable

Price points can often deter younger and older clients alike from buying art. However, knowing where to look can make all the difference. Take Studio Sixty Six, for example: by devoting resources to showcasing emerging artists within the first five years of their professional careers, we have created a space that contains beautiful and diverse artwork across a range of mediums which are accessible even on a student budget.

Allyson Rousseau, Ten

3. Young people have access to upcoming trends 

As young adults, we are part of an important trend-setting demographic – especially within the arts. We all have access to social media which creates platforms for us to showcase new trends and new artists and artwork. The work we buy now from emerging artists may one day become very influential -and financially valuable – because of our support and influence.

Sharon Katz, Alkaloid

4. Has a positive and inspirational effect 

Whether you are at school, at work, or dealing with any other day to day responsibilities, stress is a significant part of life. Having a calming space can be invaluable in those overwhelming moments. Being surrounded with artwork can help us de-stress and relax, and creates a positive environment. Think about it, what is better than coming home after a long day to your original art piece? Art can also inspire. Have a deadline or a paper you can’t seem to tackle? Being surrounded by art can spark your creativity and give you that much-needed push.

Florence Yee, Oh, Canada

5. Develop relationships with artists 

Let’s face it – millennials have a pretty bad reputation, so it is all the more important for our generation to support each other! And what better and more tangible way to support our peers and colleagues in the arts than by purchasing their work? By supporting artists in the early stages of their careers, you are helping to give them the opportunity to keep creating. Who knows? Your support today may play a small role in the rise and future success of the next great artist of our age.

Susan Roston, Nub 16

6. It will last a lifetime

Next time you go to the mall, think about how much money you tend to spend on shoes, clothes, electronics, or even expensive meals out. Then consider how that money could have alternatively been put towards your personal art collection. Unlike the latest phone or must-have designer bag, artwork will stand the test of time. Furthermore, this work may be worth a pretty penny later on. Something you buy in your 20s can become a lucrative investment which may help you out years down the line. The work you buy when you are young will be an enduring part of your life for decades.

 Written by Phoebe Sampey

For other great art insights, go to: http://studiosixtysix.tumblr.com 

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