Painting Puzzle

Painting Puzzle

IMG_3826 (1)

So what is this you ask?  The Blind Bay Painters created a large painting with 60 canvases combined to make one painting as a group project this year!  This is a snippet of cropped picture of the whole painting all put together and framed beautifully (Thanks to Bill Burton for building our massive frame for it!)   This painting will be present in the Reedman Gallery during the Canada Day weekend (Fri/Sat 10-4)  Each artist takes one or two 6×6 canvases with a grid cutout of their part they need to paint.  None of the artists except for the organizer knows what the final painting will look like until they are all complete and framed.  The painting is both real and imagined, rich in colour and soft in feel, with local sites.  Can you guess what it might be?  Come to the show for a viewing!

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