Blind Bay Painters Season End Luncheon

Blind Bay Painters Season End Luncheon

By Betty Schriver

It was like the last day of school, someone said.  I chuckled, and delighted in the metaphor.  The chatter was infectious and anyone who thought they actually could come to paint on the last day was fooling themselves.   We came to visit, to share our concerns about one of our painting friends losing her husband and all that she had to endure this year and what we could do to support her.  We came to catch up with some people who were away and this might be the last chance that we would see them until next fall.  We came to celebrate, celebrate the great year we had together, the camaraderie that exists, and the blessing of not having a flood destroy our Canada Day plans.   Oh yes, and we came for the food…Bayside Marina, you did not disappoint!


4 thoughts on “Blind Bay Painters Season End Luncheon

  1. Thank you Betty for all the postings and keeping us all current and up to date. Much appreciated, another great year for sure. Jean


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