Acrylic Ink Tile Tap

Diana Waller -Acrylic Ink Tile Tap art
Diana Waller -Acrylic Ink Tile Tap art

Acrylic Ink Tile Tap?  Sounds like a new kitchen decor, right? but it’s not…its’ a fun and intuitive method of painting on tile!  Diana Waller provided the Blind Bay Painters with a demo of the method where you use scrunged up tape on tile to form a tree line and then paint sporadically over the whole tile with Acrylic Inks.  Where does the tap come in??? The tapping of an item dipped in rubbing alcohol creates the variegated textured background!   Once the the effects are there you look for and add further details to create some silhouette figures (bears, sasquatches!!! whatever suits your fancy!). Lastly, you pull the tape to obtain a textured tree formation wherever the tape previously was.  Silhouette figures are automatically behind trees!  Thanks Diana for a great demo and workshop!



2 thoughts on “Acrylic Ink Tile Tap

  1. HI Betty

    This might be something for Eagle Bay if it was available and priced right. Did you find anymore information from the artists.

    Stewart & Sallyanne Calver



    1. Possibly Sallyanne! I did bring up your idea with the artists however with the weather being so nice and several of us being there for the weekend at the Culture Crawl, there were only a handful of artists at the hall on Tuesday. I will get hold of Diana to see if this would be possible and what costs there would be, Sallyanne. Thanks for your interest.


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