Tips on How to Collect Art on Any Budget

I recently read an interesting blog about art collection. Some people might think that art collecting is for the wealthy, but ultimately a valuable art collection can be acquired even on a limited budget.   Rene Phillips of Manhattan Art International says “the first rule is to follow your passion”. Do you love the art you are considering purchasing?

In her blog she describes ways to educate yourself and enjoy the process. Tips I though were most useful were:

  1. When the collection is assembled (which is an on-going process for the collector) it brings a value beyond the sum of the parts, it creates a certain order and reflection of the collector’s response to them.
  2. Strategically plan your acquisitions. Before making a purchase ask yourself how the new piece will fit in with other art you own or if it will fill a historical or stylistic gap in your collection.
  3. Embrace the exciting world of a myriad of art, artists, styles and mediums.
  4. Visit artists’ and art gallery websites.
  5. Attend art lectures, auction previews, art fairs, exhibitions, museums, artists’ “Open Studio” tours, and the homes of other collectors.
  6. Acquaint yourself with different price levels and different mediums.
  7. View art with an open mind and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. Train your eye to understand the differences between various styles and techniques.
  8. Speak to artists, gallery owners, and museum curators who are eager to share their expertise.
  9. Learn about art history and the careers of artists whose work you like.
  10. Explore artists’ pages and art groups in social media: LinkedIn; Instagram; Pinterest; Facebook; and Twitter.
  11. Attend juried exhibitions assembled by leading art professionals and observe which artists won the most awards and why.
  12. Read leading art magazines and art journals.
  13. Visit art blogs often and subscribe to them.
  14. Enjoy purchasing and living with new pieces as you explore your preferences.
  15. Consider buying something different than your normal taste.
  16. Acquire new works periodically by the same artist and enjoy the rewards of being a “patron”.  Watch the artist’s career grow.

If you would like to read more about Rene Phillips blog at Manhattan International Art,  you can view it at

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