Launch of Art in the Shuswap

By Betty Schriver

When I moved to Blind Bay, British Columbia a few years ago, I knew I would love the beautiful nature around me, the amazingly clear Shuswap Lake that my husband and I could enjoy boating and fishing at, and the relaxed environment I was searching for in my retirement years. But I didn’t know that I would be pleasantly surprised to also find a
network of amazing artists that share their talents, work together, and love art!   It was like I hit the jackpot!

Art in the Shuswap was developed to showcase some of the incredible art within the Shuswap area and bring people together to share, collaborate, and buy and sell art!   It’s about art enthusiasts and tourists knowing where they can find some great local art.  It’s about artists being able to share some of their work for free online, so that the world can see it.  It’s about knowing where and when you can go to see an art event in the area.  It’s about bringing people together all for the love of art!

If you are an artist in the Shuswap area and would like to show your art or share your own link on this website, contact us for further information.  It’s free!  If you are interested about purchasing art, contact us to connect with the artist.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh



4 thoughts on “Launch of Art in the Shuswap

  1. Hi Betty and others: this is an amazing accomplishment and really makes me think we have ‘arrived’. ha. Wow! I don’t have any work ready yet and will be in Calgary for a bit yet as my mom has had a mini stroke and needs lots of tests etc. Excited to see what comes up on this! Thanks Betty et al…Missing you, Deb C.

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