Art Brings a Community Together

Art Brings a Community Together

By Betty Schriver
A renowned CBC Broadcaster, Lister Sinclair once said, “Art pulls a community together… Art makes you feel differently.  That’s what artists are doing all the time, shifting and changing the way you see life.” And that is what’s happening in the Shuswap.  Artists are supporting each other and their community, pulling together to create something special. Annually the artists of Blind Bay Painters host the Blind Bay Painters Art Show and Sale.  It brings community, visitors and artists together to enjoy the world of art in the beautiful surroundings of the Shuswap.

bb-painters-group-pic-2016The annual show takes numerous volunteers and artists to contribute their time to creating something that the community can enjoy and be proud of. Artists greatest hope is that the work they produce moves you…maybe it provokes thought, or brings back a memory. Maybe it raises questions or opens your mind to new ideas.   If their art leaves you thinking about it or creates a feeling or emotion that touches you, it was a success.

Annually, people come to the art show and sale to participate in the annual community event and spend some time appreciating art. Recognition awards are presented and there are door prizes awarded.

Multiple artist collaborates and collectives have been established in the Shuswap region to provide the community with various art in various mediums at Blind Bay Hall, Carlin Hall and in Salmon Arm.   Come participate and view the art work of our local artists and artisans this summer.   Buy a piece that makes you feel differently.   “Art pulls a community together, Art makes you feel differently.” Experience the difference.

Photo of Blind Bay Painters 2016 End of Season Lunch

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